This site was an international collection of evidence that many JVC camcorders have design and manufacturing defects. Owners were then expected to pay for "repairs" which did not work. JVC was taken to court here in the USA because thosands felt chated. Originally I dealt Steven Berk, a class-action lawyer who seemed interested in helping. After more than 2 years, the lawsuit was settled, with inconclusive results. Read below for more information.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

RCA camcorder error message help!

Posted by Mike on July 06, 2002 at 19:29:19:

My camcorder records fine for a little while and then an error message pops up. It says EO3 error remove battery and then it says unit in safeguard mode. I tried removing the battery for several days to reset it and it doesnt have a built in lithium battery. Any ideas?

Rca camecorder error code

Posted by Sherri ( on February 06, 2004 at 17:39:48:

I have a RCA 400X digital zoom camera and I continue toget a error code EO3 telling me to remove the battery cause its running in safeguard mode. I removed the battery and try to use the camera again it worka few seconds then the same error comes up I ask at a local dealer and he said try cleaning it and a new battery both of which I've done and I still get this error. If anyones has any answers for me as to what this error code means or what I can do to fix the problem Please Email me at I appreciate it and Thank you in advance

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Re: IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode...

Re: IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode...
Shahar Markovitch - 11th May 2004 13:40

Hi all, just encountered this old post of mine and I wanted to update you...
When I had this problem I tried alot of voodoo (change battary,play with tape,etc.). But nothing really helped. The only solution to this problem was to go fix the camera engine (The E04 is a problem of the engine moving too slow) for 250$ !!!!.... Now my camera works fine, but as a personal lesson I decided I will not buy any more JVC digital stuff.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


From: Jiorgio (
Subject: Quale cassetta miniDV ?
Date: 2001-11-22 11:45:09 PST

Ciao, sono possessore di una JVC GR-DVX4 e volevo chiedervi quale sia la marca più adatta per questa cam. Ho riscontrato problemi nella cam, e dopo averla portata in assistenza mi hanno detto di usare solo cass miniDV JVC ma puo' essere secondo voi ?....a me pare strano!! che le altre mi bloccano la cam e di conseguenza mi
compare l'errore E04. Grazie a tutti coloro che mi saranno d'aiuto.


From: Raymond J. Henry (
Subject: OT: JVC SXM320 Camcorder error
Newsgroups: wpg.general
Date: 2003-09-27 09:38:46 PST

JVC Camcorder Super VHS Model # SXM320

Viewed it working last night, everything worked then. Picked up tapes this morning, and recorded ~3 minutes. Rewound tape to view, and camera gives error Error E04 - Remove Battery And Reinstall. Tried this, and still reports the same. No clues in manual or on web site. Hoping that someone knows what this error is. I did see the camera operating for about 2 minutes last night, and it seemed fine. I'd be disappointed to have bought a camera that only records for 2 minutes, hoping that this is just something simple with an easy fix..... :/


From: Ken Winters (
Subject: JVC GR-DVF21 Error Code
Date: 2003-06-03 21:19:36 PST

My JVC GR-DVF21 is only working sporatically. An error code often appears on the screen and I can't find any documentation on what it means. The code is "E04". Does any know where I might find a technical manual on this?


From: James (
Subject: Best buy among Sony TRV33, Sony PC105 and Canon Elura 50
Date: 2004-02-29 18:27:05 PST

Hi all,
My JVC DVX70 got the famous E04 error code again last week, I decided not to fix it this time. I fixed it with $250 last May, 2003.


What an absolute piece of SHIT camera. We have a GR-DVL100 and it has been really good for about 12 months - went on holidays recently and taped everything - got home to connect to the PC to download to the PC and put onto CD's and the dv in/out did not work. I tried a couple of firewire cards and cables and no go. Took the camera to an authorised JVC centre and they fixed it - NOT. Still did not work for DV in/out. Well, took it back and picked it up today and what do you know - the DV in/out works - but the samera now shows this E06 SafeGuard Mode error and it ate our holiday tapes. What a piece of shit camera. I have sent a message to JVC Australia concerning the faulty camera and the shonky service centre. Looks like we have also joined the Just Very Crappy (JVC) Video Camera Club - yee fucking haw.

I will keep you posted as to what happens - the camera is currently under extended warranty - and in the future I will utter these famous words = IT'S A SONY...!!!!!!

Paul & Caz

-- Paul & Carol Featherstonhaugh (, July 25, 2003.


From: chrystian perron (
Subject: Camera JVC gr-ax25u error codes wanted
Date: 1997/10/24
i hava a camera jvc and i want to say the errors code ex : e04 appears in len
thank for any information

E04 Problem

From: tomek (
Subject: JVC GR DVF - co to za usterka?
Date: 2004-02-23 22:16:41 PST

Witam. Czy ktoś przerabiał problem z E04 w ww kamerze JVC? Gość z autoryzowanego serwisu powiedział, że to jest problem mechniczny (z napędem taśmy/kasety) i naprawę wycenił na kilka stówek. A problem jest taki, że po włożeniu do kamery kasety słychać przez kilka sekund pracę silniczka (głośną), potem
pojawia się E04 i nie można już dalej nic. Problm pojawia się zarówno przy. nagrywaniu, jak i przy odtwarzaniu. Uzywam kaset TDK. pozdrawiam, tomek


From: (
Subject: E04 Error MSG on JVC GRSX950U
Date: 2001-01-08 17:44:04 PST

I just got my camcorder and I placed a VHS-C tape inside it. I tried to play it to advance to a blank spot on the tape and I received a message in the viewfinder that said "E04 Safeguard Mode". The next message said to pop the battery out and put it back in again. After several attempts, I used the AC adapter with the same result. I tried to eject the tape and the same thing happens. I do hear the tape trying to move from the clicking sounds I hear when the tape is being accessed. Does anyone know what's happening and how I can get the tape out without breaking the camcorder? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


From: David Gould (
Subject: JVC DVL9500 miniDV camcorder repair
Date: 2003-03-26 11:47:27 PST

I bought a second-hand JVC DVL9500 miniDV camcorder which had been reporting an E03 error. I didn't have a miniDV tape handy but as I was playing around with it, the error disappeared. When I put a tape in it, an E04 error appeared and the tape got chewed up a bit. It hasn't chewed up the tape since, but the E04 error comes
back every time I put a tape in. I have tried the reconnect battery & tapping whilst upside down tricks.

E03 error means No Supply Reel rotation
E04 error means Rotation of the video head has stalled or too fast

As far as I can tell (not an expert), the drive mechanism works fine
(both spindles are powered). The mechanism looks fine, except possibly the 2nd of the 4 tape guides (which seems to go inside the tape) is loose (about 4mm of movement outside the cassette area), but only when the cage is withdrawn (not ejected). The video head has free rotation.

JVC camcorders seem to have a LOT of problems like this, but they may vary from model to model:

The DVL9500 is a 4 year old model.

Anyway, I don't want to spend more than �100 fixing this IF I can
persuade the camera to produce an analogue output to my VCR for more than an hour. I'm intending to have a look at the circuitry to see if there is anything I can fix by myself. What should I be looking for? Any help much appreciated,


From: Mammasantissima (
Subject: errore E04 su videcamera JVC
Newsgroups: it.hobby.elettronica.riparazioni
Date: 2001-08-01 12:55:32 PST

Cosa significa l'errore E04 su una videocamera JVC grax270. In particolare, inserisco la cassetta, fa 2 giri avanti e indietro con il nastro attorno al tanburo e poi si blocca, non riesce nemmeno a fare l'eject, si sente il motorino del capstan girare a vuoto per alcuni secondi.


From: Abelon (
Subject: Brauche Hilfe ! Error-Code E04 bei Mini-DV JVC GR-DVL20E
Newsgroups: video
Date: 2003-09-12 11:42:12 PST

Hallo, Ich habe schon probiert im Google etwas zu finden aber -> nix . Bitte, was bedeutet nun E04 bei der JVC GR-DVL20E ?
Danke Jochen


From: robert newton (
Subject: JVC GR-DVL120U Digital Camcorder E04 Error Code
Date: 2002-11-20 11:57:04 PST

have new gr-dvl-120u...right out of the box started getting E04 error code... jvc customer service has been no help...purchased new Sept 28, 2002 so now its to late to return...has anyone had or have this problem and know how to fix? maybe its the miniDV Casette, haven't tried a new yet. thanks robert

?? intermittent error message 'e04' on my JVC digita..."

From: Sienny (
Subject: Re: ?? intermittent error message 'e04' on my JVC digital vid cam.
Date: 2002-06-02 15:15:30 PST

I've got the same problem with a JVC GR-DVM90U. Hope this is not
something that's common to JVCs. Haven't been able to find out the cause or long term cure yet either. If you find out any info could you post it here. Hope it doesn't require taking it in for service.

?? intermittent error message 'e04' on my JVC digita..."

From: Adrian (
Subject: Re: ?? intermittent error message 'e04' on my JVC digital vid cam.
Date: 2002-06-29 20:40:45 PST

... yep, turned out to be a problem on lots of JVC
camcorders. Took it to camcorder hospital they say they see this a lot, they re-aligned the tape mechanism, cleaned it and liberated
several hundred dollars from me.
Got great service through so no
worries there and now its fine.


From: Sidney (
Subject: JVC camcorder model:GR-AX75 displays "E04"
Date: 2003-08-14 11:28:56 PST

JVC compact VHS camcorder model:GR-AX75,year: Aug 1993, originally it when play was press the pinch roller would turn but the take up reel (nor the idler assembly) would not turn so the unit would spit the film out hence it would eat the tape. I opened tha camcorder apart and found no opern pico fuses,no defective leaky surface mounted radial electrolytic capacitors nor anything obvious.I measured most visible diodes & transistors but found no problems,so after putting the camcorder back together it worked great for 1-2 hours but now it reads "E04" and it only plays,rewinds or fast forwards for a feconds then stops.
What is "E04"?.Thanks.

From: Anton (
Subject: JVC camera wil niet aan
Date: 2002-04-15 05:00:14 PST
Hallo, Soms lukt het niet om m'n JVC GR-DVL 100 aan te zetten.
Ik krijg dan de foutmeldingen E04 / Reattach battery / Safeguard mode op het display. De handleiding biedt ook geen uitkomst en met de dealer/reparateur wil ik nog even wachten. Ook met een vers opgeladen accu (de 'originele' van JVC, type BN-V408U)
werkt het soms niet. Iemand een ideetje? Bvd,


From: c raspe (
Subject: JVC GR-DV9 met probleem
View: Original Format
Date: 2002-06-20 11:06:48 PST

Wie weet wat de melding E04 unit in safeguard mode remove and reattach battery inhoud. In het boekje wordt nergens E04 beschreven. Alvast bedankt


From: b (
Subject: JVC GR-DVL150E: Foutmelding E03, wat betekent dit?
Date: 2002-12-03 02:13:30 PST
Ik heb de volgende vraag: Als ik mijn camera op een of andere manier probeer te bedienen, krijg ik de volgende fout melding in een wit menu.
Unit in safeguard mode
Remove and reattach battery.

Volgens de handleiding moet ik inderdaad alle spanningsbronnnen verwijderen. De camera zou zich dan moeten resetten na een aantal minuten. Echter helpt dit niets. Ook het bandje kan ik door dit probleem niet uit de camera verwijderen, Op internet kan ik niets over dit probleem vinden. Kortom, mijn vragen zijn:
- Weet iemand wat deze fout betekend
- Hoe ik het best tot een oplossing kan komen
- Of er ergens een internet-site is met alle mogelijke vorkomende fouten bij
deze camera

Alvast bedankt,
Bennie Timmer


Date: 2003-01-27 10:50:47 PST
Witam !
W mojej kamerce GR-DVX 80 zaczal pojawiac sie komunikat o bledzie E04 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE, PLEASE REATTACH BATTERY... niby nic wielkiego... wyjac baterie, wlozyc ponownie i dziala... ale wkurza! :) Czytalem za zagranicznych grupach ze ten problem to prawie standard wsrod kamer JVC. Poniewaz jest to blad dotyczacy glowicy jego przyczyny sa rozne, jedni podaja kiepskie kasety, inni kiepskie kasety czyszczace, jeszcze inni polozenie (ustawienie) rolek. Czy ktos z Was mial cos takiego i jak sobie z tym poradzil? Jesli serwis - to co stwierdzili i ile kosztowalo. Jesli naprawiliscie sami - w jaki sposob? Jesli temat sie rozwinie zacytuje kilka postow z zachodnich grup.



Message 1 in thread
From: hidex (
Subject: Camescope JVC GR-DVX44E
Date: 2003-09-14 06:53:55 PST

Bonjour. J'ai un message d'erreur persistant :EO4.sur l'ecran d'un camescope JVC GR-E.DX Qui peux m'aider? Merçi
A quoi bon mettre des barreaux aux prisons!
Les idées ont des ailes!!

Message 2 in thread
From: guy.pastuzak (
Subject: Re: Camescope JVC GR-DVX44E

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Date: 2003-09-15 12:36:27 PST

Bonsoir à tous. Voilà ce que je relève dans la notice de GRDVX88, 77 et 44 E01-E06 Unit in safeguard mode, remove and reattach battery. En français, ils disent que les indications E01 à E06 montrent le type de mauvais fonctionnement qui s'est produit. Lorsque cette indication se produit, cela coupe automatiquement le camescope. Il faut retirer la source d'alimentation (batterie etc.) et attendre quelques minutes pour que l'indication disparaisse. Quand elle a disparu, vous pouvez utiliser à nouveau le camescope. Si
l'indication reste, veuillez consulter le revendeur JVC le plus proche.
Je crois que cela m'est arrivé une fois (grdvx88) Curieusement, le couper ne suffit pas. Il doit se trouver sans aucune source, pour basculer dans un mode normal. La mise en route provoque alors une sorte de boot, qui n'a pas lieu quand la batterie reste en place.

En espérant que cela te convient, et que le camescope repartira...
Guy Pastuzak

Enlever le ANTISPAM pour répondre
Remove ANTISPAM in the return address


From: chris (
Subject: kto ma kamerę JVC GR-DVL157
View: Complete Thread (9 articles)
Original Format
Newsgroups: pl.rec.foto.cyfrowa
Date: 2004-01-10 09:20:05 PST

Nie wiem czy wybrałem dobre forum, ale potrzebuję informacji odnośnie kamery cyfrowej JVC GR-DVL157(lub podobnej), chodzi o to, że wyświetla mi się komunikat "UNIT IN SAFEGROUND MODE", " REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY". Wiem co to znaczy, ale za cholerę nie mogę wykonać tego polecenia tak, aby ten komunikat znikną...a instrukcję mam po .... węgiersku...
Z góry dzięki

(Rough translation: Equipment (assistance)! I do not know if (or) I have chosen good forum, but I need information in relation to digital (numeric) camera ( JVC GR-DVL157 or similar ), it walks about it, that message displays me " " UNIT IN SAFEGROUND MODE, " " REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY. That beguile it know signify, but I can not execute this errand for shit!)


From: PowerUp (
Subject: Sony GR-DVL100AE
View: Original Format
Date: 2001-12-04 01:38:27 PST


Can someone tell me where I should post the following as I cannot find a Cam
Corder news group or something similar?

What does "E04 - Unit in Safe Guard Mode. Remove and reattach battery"
I did this a couple of times before the cam corder righted itself. What

Thanks in advance.

JVC GR-DVM90 problem

From: Chris (
Subject: JVC GR-DVM90 problem
View: Original Format
Date: 2001-07-04 09:38:29 PST

I am having some problems with the GR-DVM90 digital video camera. When
turned on it displays a message:

E04 Unit in safeguard; remove and reattach battery

I've tried replacing the battery and tapes - it doesn't change

Any help would be appreciated.
Chris Kozaryn

Monday, May 10, 2004

Google Groups: View Thread "JVC GR-D30U Mini DV Problem"

From: takeone (
Subject: JVC GR-D30U Mini DV Problem
Date: 2004-01-28 08:21:06 PST

I bought this camcorder last August and it's been working fine, but while capturing video from it via firewire this morning it blue-screened with this error message: E01 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY. Removing and reattaching the battery does no good. The symptom: the camera will not load a tape properly. When I open the door the tape carriage/tray will eject and I can put a tape inside, but the carriage does not retract
into the camera and load the tape. It just sits there. I close the cover as much as possible with the carriage in the way, which trips a switch and opens the carriage so I can remove the tape. Is there any hope or should I pitch the darned thing? It's still covered for parts but not labor. Any help would be appreciated.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

JVC GRDVM80U MiniDV Digital Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode :: Electronics

Rating: - Very sensitive to tape brand - it turns your camara useless
Do not buy a JVC camcorder!!! - Just a couple of months after buying a JVC GRDVM80U an "E04" error start popping in th screen. Apparently the machinery is very sensitive to tapes lubricants and other compounds. Cleaning the head is not enough - the camara just becomes useless (Well, you can probably fix it for $350, but then it will break down again soon) Search the web for "E04 JVC" and you'll know how frequent and fustrating this error is - and I was surprised to learn it is not restricted to this model. JVC just ignores the problem and blames the tape manufacturers. It might function as an average camera if you are willing to give up using a tape ... and recording.


Rating: - Tape incompatibility!
I got the camcorder about a month ago but only spend about 2 weeks with it because it was in the repair shop most of the time. It seems that this camcorder is incompatible with TDK tapes. There were no mention of it anywhere in the manual or in the packaging. They should at least include a recent updated notice on the problem. After using the TDK tape for 15 minutes, the picture became distorted and the message "Head cleaning required" appeared. I took it to the shop and the technician said the video heads were damage and need to be replaced. After calling JVC on the phone, they told me alot of people had call in about the same problem. I'm surprised no one mention it in their reviews or I would have stay away from the TDK tapes.

CONF: Electronics - JVC carmcorder puchrased at Circuit City TOPIC: refusal to honor makers warranty

Topic: Refusal to honor manufacturers warranty
Conf: JVC
From: Denise Murphy
Date: Friday, June 30, 2000 04:01 PM
Sent To:; 6/30/00 4:01:05 PM

Beware if buying a JVC camcorder or dealing with Circuit City. On 12/22/99 we purchased a #CRSXM515U model JVC camcorder from Circuit City. The warranty on this camera was 90 days labor; 1 year mfg warranty. The total cost of camera was $822. The camera was used successfully a total of three times between 12/22/99 and 4/19/00. On 4/23/00 upon attempting to operate the camera, the lens cover would not open. We took the camera to Circuit City on 4/25/00 and paid $30 to send it off for repair. On or about 5/1/00 I was contacted by Circuit City and asked to authorize approximately $100 for repairs. I authorized the $100. The second week of May I was again contacted by Circuit City verifying my authorization and telling me that the camera was being repaired. On May 9, 2000 I received a call from Circuit City requesting authorization for $765 in repairs. I denied this request. I asked them to send my camera back to the store (Huntsville, Alabama). On May 9, 2000 I contacted Circuit City to check on status of camera and was again told it was being repaired. I contacted Circuit City on May 17, 2000 and was told the camera was not being repaired, but had been denied repair by Circuit City and JVC. I asked that a Service Center representative contact me to discuss this situation. I received a call from Kerry Wilson, Nashville Service Center, Technician Manager for Circuit City. He told me that JVC had denied authorization to repair this camera three times. The explanation I received was that the "main board" inside the camera had a piece broke. Mr. Wilson told me he would contact Jessee Richmond (JVC representative) for authorization to send the camera to the Lawrenceville, GA service center to be examined for repair. At this point, I contacted Circuit City Consumer Affairs representative Mike Olek. I believe I was getting the run around. No one wanted to repair the camera. Circuit City would not repair the camera without authorization from JVC and JVC would not authorize supplying the parts for the camera. I have been jerked around since 4/25/00. I was told three times that the camera was being repaired. Finally on June 7, 2000 after the camera was reviewed at JVC in Lawrenceville, GA,I was contacted by Kerry Wilson, Nashville Service Center and told that although the camera was in great condition, and had obviously not been dropped or harmed, JVC had again refused the manufacturers warranty on the camera and it was being sent back to the Huntsville, AL store for pick-up. Upon arrival at the Huntsville store, I discover what I feel is the real reason JVC would not repair my camera. This camera has been discontinued and replaced with a model which costs $425. I am stuck with a camera which does not work and cannot get any relief from JVC or Circuit City.

JVC GRD50 Digital Camcorders reviews

Review by SpoonZ
On 1st Apr 2004
Time Camcorder Owned 1 - 6 Months
Video Quality 5/10
Sound Quality 5/10
Battery Life 5/10
Features 5/10
Ease of Use 7/10
Value for money 6/10
Overall rating 3/10

Good Points: Low Price.
Bad Points: Poor Build.
General Comments:
Avoid this JVC GRD50 Digital Camcorder like the plague!!! As an Audio Visual Technician at a school I recently purchased 11 of these cameras for use by media and multimedia departments. 3 of the cameras were faulty straight from the box. They displayed a "Clean Heads" message. Surely the cameras were unused so dirty tapes were not a problem!!!! After only a weeks usage 2 more cameras were showing the same fault. Today just 4 weeks after buying the cameras a 6th one was bought to me by a teacher showing an error message that requires technical servicing!!! So there you go 50% of my cameras are now away for warranty repair. How long will they last? I know in a school the equipment usually takes some punishment by the kids, but equipment should work for more than a few weeks, and certainly you expect them to work straight from the box. I have read other reviews and reliability seems a major problem with this range of camcorders... Don't make the same costly mistake I have.

JVC GR-DVL520U video camera - purchased in Singapore, so JVC Americas (Wayne, NJ) is refusing to fix camera under warranty received the following consumer message on September 26, 2002:

From: John L. Ratcliffe []

RE: JVC GR-DVL520U video camera - purchased in Singapore, so JVC Americas (Wayne, NJ) is refusing to fix camera under warranty

On May 9th of this year I purchased a JVC GR-DVL520U video camera in Singapore from an authorized sales center, one full of US tourists buying electronics.

It was fully warranteed I was told, camera is US spec camera, has warranty card that says I must call JVC Americas Corporation at 1700 Valley Road in Wayne, New Jersey for service.

I now have a warranty issue and have been fighting with this US service center over this issue. They refuse to repair the camera, which has only been used once! They say purchase outside of US, in this case in Singapore, must be repaired in the country of origin.

The warranty states nothing of sort and specifies camera must be repaired within continental US, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. It seems I am in a spot and JVC in the US refuses to assist me in any way whatsoever, including a refusal to put me in touch with Japanese mother company.

I ask only what JVC promises all of it's customers.

John Ratcliffe

JVC GY-DV500 Camcorder FAQ: Troubleshooting

Q: Why do I keep getting head clog errors?
A: Cameras manufactured prior to February 2000 have a firmware bug which can cause the unit to report head clogs when there are none. The good news is that the recording will be fine even with the warning. If you run into this problem, a quick temporary work around is to power the camera off and then on again after a few seconds. The warning should go away. However, you should have it serviced by JVC to update the firmware. This usually takes 2-3 business days once the unit is received by JVC. You pay to ship it to them, and JVC pays for the shipping back to you. For fastest service, call 1-800-526-5308 x5302 and make an appointment for your camera. The turn-around time once JVC receives it is 2 to 3 days for special programs like the head clog issue. Normal service turn-around is 5 to 8 days.

Note: The head clog errors can also be caused by bad tapes and tape alignment problems as well as actual debris on the heads. The VTR section measures the error rate during playback or quick review with the RET button and displays "HEAD CLOG" when the error rate exceeds a preset value. When a head clog condition is detected, the unit reports the error, but continues to operate.

JVC GR-DVM96U Reviews

Reviewed by: jsimpson, Casual, from South Florida, USA
July 3, 2003
Price Paid: $803 at

The JVC GR-DVM96U mini digital camcorder had problems from the first time I used it. JVC factory service and customer service could not and would not resolve the problem. I contacted and they resolved the problem quickly to my satisfaction, even moreso than I could reasonably have expected. I recommend, but would never again buy a JVC product.

small size

Did not work, had clean head message every time it was used. Never finished a tape with out the message.

Customer Service:
Totally useless (JVC). First time in for factory repair, the problem persisted. Second time, JVC refused to address the original problem without charging me labor for disassembly! JVC refused return or replacement., on the other hand, resolved the issue to my great satisfaction.

JVC GR-DVM96U Reviews

Reviewed by: AKJ, Casual, from Syracuse, UT

Price Paid: $0

The camera work Great for about the first 20 minutes worth of use. After that, completely useless! The camera constantly puts itself in a "Safe Mode" and will not allow to record. I paid too much if my hard-earned money for this useless garbage. I WILL NOT buy ANY JVC product again!

Total use time has been less than 6 hours! It has been repaired twice and still problem persists!

None' that I was able tell, but I was not able to use the camera long enough to find out! I bought for the features it came with but never got to use.

Sound could be better on the unit. The zoom in and out should not have been placed on the outside deck mechanism. Each time the zoom is used the outside deck opens some. Could have been better video.

Customer Service:
Camera has been in for repair twice! Each time for the same exact issue. The camera was used for only 10 minutes after returning from repair, then the problem begins again. Either this camera is lemon, or the Technicians that repaired are incompetent. I doubt the problem is the technician.

Similar Products Used:
Canon, Sony, Panasonic

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode...

(Finding complaints about JVC on the Internet is like shooting fish in a barrel! Here's two more complaints.)

Re: IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode... - Joe - 28th Apr 2004 2:30
I'm having the same issue with my JVC camcorder. E04 Remove and reattach battery. Unit in safegaurd mode. It has been going on for quite some time, I payed a lot of money for this camera, totally didn't get my money's worth, it's absolutely a product defect in my mind. I'm up for anything

Re: IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode... - Dylan Oneil - 29th Apr 2004 15:15
Ditto Ditto Ditto.
my wife was very upset thinking she had done something to the camera. now we all know that I made the mistake of purchasing the thing in the first place.

IMPORTANT! GR-DVX8 E04 safeguard mode...

Re: JVC E04 safeguard mode... - Andre Pochwalla - 26th Apr 2004 20:04
Yes, it happened yesterday to my GR DVL 108, which is nearly two years old. I posted the fault to JVC and am still waiting for them to return any message to me.

Re: JVC E04 safeguard mode... - Lorenzo Cricchio - 27th Apr 2004 0:38
Its rediculous that I have to send the unit back time and time again out of warranty so that they may do whatever they need to do in order to get this to work. I'm fed up with it. I'm in.

Re: JVC E04 safeguard mode... - Patrik Olterman - 29th Apr 2004 17:23
I have the same

JVC camcorder problem

(Here is a guy with a camera problem, and below is JVC's reply. The problem is not exactly the Safeguard/Battery problem that this blog is about, but it is interesting to note how JVC considers a 4-year-old camera as old and that it requires maintenance. I just know my $100 VCR has been playing tapes 20 times more often than my JVC camcorder, for 8 years, without a cleaning and it doesn't matter what tape brand I used, the thing always works. You guessed it: It's not a JVC VCR unit! Come think of it, my computer also works 24 hours a day, my TV is years old, my eletronic piano also has years and works flawlessly. Oh, yeah, they're not JVC either!)

I have jvc dvm90, have the same problem. message keeping pop up head cleaning needed. i bought a panasonic dried head cleaner ran it thought three times and still have the same problem. i called jvc authorized sevice center they told me to repair it, will cost me $125.00 minimium to fix it. I think problem is jvc product. it's sux. i never buy another jvc again. will never rec. anyone to buy one.
any sugestion to fix this problem, would be greatfull. thanks.

-- tom chang (, March 27, 2004.


Hi Tom,
You said you called an "authorized service center"...may I ask who? There are very few Authorized Service Facilities for JVC digital camcorders. Also, you could have a tape problem or a mean head clog. Try removing any tape you have in the unit, power it down, remove the power source (battery or power cord)...this resets the microprocessor in the unit. Then put in a "new" JVC tape and see if the problem goes away. If it does not, you may have a bad head clog. Your camcorder is approximately 4 years old. The product may develope a worn head or a head clog over time. This does not mean the product is poorly made, it means it may need some attention to it over time just like anything you own that has moving parts (washer, dryer, car, lawn mower etc) No product is going to last forever nor should it be expected too.

The first thing is to determine if indeed it is the camcorder or the tape. Some aftermarket tapes put out un-necessary error codes and changing tape brand has been known to alleviate this.

You are welcome to e-mail me at work regarding this situation. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Stacy Sample

-- Stacy Sample (, March 28, 2004.

JVC camcorder problem

I'm in the business of repairing Digital Video Cameras. Up untill a month ago I could have helped a few of you. sadly JVC have recently pulled the plug on spare parts supply to independant repairers in Australia. I can however suggest that as a replacement you can absolutly not go past "CANON". The level of Service/Parts/Backup and customer service is second to none.
Regards Peter Gilliard Western Camera & Video

-- Peter Gilliard (, April 02, 2004.

Shun Hing JVC Ltd

An error indication (E01, E02 or E06) appears.
- (E01¡BE02 or E06 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY) This massage a malfunction
of some kind has occurred.
In this case the camcorder's functions become unusable.
- Remove the power supply or battery. And wait a few minutes for the indication to clear. When it does, you can resume using the camcorder. If the indication remains, consult your nearest JVC dealer or service center.

- An error indication (E03 or E04) appears.
- (E03 or E04 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY) This massage a malfunction
of some kind has occurred.
In this case the camcorder's functions become unusable.
- Eject the cassette once and re-insert it, then check if the indication clears. When it does, you can resume using the camcorder. If the indication remains, consult your nearest JVC dealer or service center.

Monday, May 03, 2004

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From: Martin (
Subject: JVC DVL-805 Error E01

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Date: 2001-10-09 10:17:16 PST

While recording my battery died, after replacing it with another one the camera would display the error E01 - Unit in safeguard mode, remove and reattach battery. Can someone help me with this. Thanks

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From: bj (
Subject: Re: JVC DVL-805 Error E01

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Date: 2001-10-09 14:30:47 PST

"Martin" wrote in message news:...
> While recording my battery died, after replacing it with another one the
> camera would display the error
> E01 - Unit in safeguard mode, remove and reattach battery.
> Can someone help me with this.
> Thanks
Oh yeah. You know what? this happens all the time at my camera shop. There is a little button that detects the presence of the battery. On JVC's you have to slam the battery on really hard. Or the button won't pop out. It won't reset until you "force" the button.

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From: TA7205 (
Subject: JVC camcorder problem

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Date: 2001-12-06 19:13:16 PST


I've got a JVC camcorder mod# GR-AX900
that will play for around a minute and then shut down.

It does it in either play or camera mode. It also displays
"E03" error code when this happens.

I have not gotten into the unit yet and I'm wondering if
anyone can shed a little light on this before I do.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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From: CamMan (
Subject: Re: JVC camcorder problem

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Date: 2001-12-07 13:59:05 PST

The "error code" indicats a "reel problem", this couls be a bad reel, bad
sensors, bad connections, etc.


"TA7205" wrote in message
> Hello;
> I've got a JVC camcorder mod# GR-AX900
> that will play for around a minute and then shut down.
> It does it in either play or camera mode. It also displays
> "E03" error code when this happens.
> I have not gotten into the unit yet and I'm wondering if
> anyone can shed a little light on this before I do.
> Any help is very much appreciated.
> Rick

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From: mark keller (
Subject: Re: JVC camcorder problem

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Date: 2001-12-15 10:40:21 PST

i get an E04 message after a minute or two?????????
i can use the dig camera for stills, but the video player/recorder is out!
any suggestions???????? please email to

"CamMan" wrote in message news:...
> The "error code" indicats a "reel problem", this couls be a bad reel, bad
> sensors, bad connections, etc.
> John
> "TA7205" wrote in message
> > Hello;
> >
> > I've got a JVC camcorder mod# GR-AX900
> > that will play for around a minute and then shut down.
> >
> > It does it in either play or camera mode. It also displays
> > "E03" error code when this happens.
> >
> > I have not gotten into the unit yet and I'm wondering if
> > anyone can shed a little light on this before I do.
> >
> > Any help is very much appreciated.
> >
> > Rick

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From: VCRCool (
Subject: JVC VHS-C error codes??
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Date: 1995/09/02

Got a JVC GR-A1U compact VHS that displays "E-01" in EVF. Unit will go into play mode, then mech stops rolling/vid heads stops spinning and displays this error code. Also will go into play (no vid head spin) when eject is pushed. Anyone have a list of error codes for this unit? Thanks.

Google Search: jvc "error code"

From: Bernard Piquet (
Subject: SABA camcorder error code
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Date: 2001-04-28 09:28:59 PST

Hi ! I am looking for the meaning of E04 displayed on a camcorder SABA or JVC ! E04 is an error code for faulty condition ! Many thanks for your help or usefull links Regards.

Google Search: jvc "error code"

From: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii (
Subject: Re: JVC camcorder error code -fixed
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Date: 1999/12/16

Hi, all. Thanks for replies Camcorder is GR-AX63. Capstan was not moving at all. When I took it apart (what a pain!), I've found the loose connection from power module. Put it back and all works fine.
I wish all repairs would be that easy.


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From: Wes H. (
Subject: JVC Camcorder error codes?

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Date: 1999/01/05

Can anyone tell me what the error code 'E04' is on a JVC GR-AX25U
camcorder? It started showing this code, then died during recording, with the tape threaded.


Wes H.

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From: Video Services (
Subject: Re: JVC Camcorder error codes?

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Date: 1999/01/05

In simple means a problem in the servo or MOTOR section. This can be for any of about 200 reasons. It sounds like your capstan motor lost its drive or one of the pulses is "lost.

I hope this helps.

Video Services

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From: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii (
Subject: JVC camcorder error code

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Date: 1999/12/13

Hi, all

What does error code E03 means on JVC camcorder?


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From: J. or R. Tynes---Video Services (
Subject: Re: JVC camcorder error code

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Date: 1999/12/13

I believe it means a 'SERVO" error.


"Rudolf Ladyzhenskii" wrote in message
> Hi, all
> What does error code E03 means on JVC camcorder?
> Thanks,
> Rudolf

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From: Tom MacIntyre (
Subject: Re: JVC camcorder error code

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Date: 1999/12/15

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:29:22 1100, "Rudolf Ladyzhenskii"

>Hi, all
>What does error code E03 means on JVC camcorder?
If it's a GR-AX620, it's

supply reel FG input absent...affects record, play, shuttle and
fast-forward, putting each into stop mode.



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