This site was an international collection of evidence that many JVC camcorders have design and manufacturing defects. Owners were then expected to pay for "repairs" which did not work. JVC was taken to court here in the USA because thosands felt chated. Originally I dealt Steven Berk, a class-action lawyer who seemed interested in helping. After more than 2 years, the lawsuit was settled, with inconclusive results. Read below for more information.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Few Good News

It seems JVC will repair for free some camcorder models that suffer from LENS CAP problems. The repairs are free until OCTOBER 1, 2007 only so hurry up and see if your model is listed at

Many thanks to anti-JVC soldier Phil, who reported these few good news. It should have been JVC informing its own ripped-off customers who should have publicized this free repair information. It would have been nice if our class-action lawyers had let us known at all. Don't get me going...


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