This site was an international collection of evidence that many JVC camcorders have design and manufacturing defects. Owners were then expected to pay for "repairs" which did not work. JVC was taken to court here in the USA because thosands felt chated. Originally I dealt Steven Berk, a class-action lawyer who seemed interested in helping. After more than 2 years, the lawsuit was settled, with inconclusive results. Read below for more information.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

ukexpert discussion forums - JVC camcorder problems again

: "I spoke to JVC customer services and they checked and yes that had the camcorder and said they had a *SIX* week backlog of repairs of camcorders and my camcorder was in the queue to be done and I may be able to return it back to the dealer.

I know that if I was JVC I would be very embarrass if I had to admit to a six week back log of repairs!

ukexpert discussion forums - JVC camcorder problems again

Re: JVC camcorder problems again

Originally posted by Walter
My JVC camcorder has developed some dead pixels on the LCD display, it shows as a black line about 3 mm long when the back ground is light.

So it is back to JVC again, the last time was the DVI output failed which was fixed under guarantee and was with JVC for three weeks.

Well it is now over four weeks since I took my JVC camcorder in for repair so I progressed the repair with the dealer only to be told that it is *still* not back from JVC

JVC repair service it very poor.

JVC DVM-90 error message

"I have the dreaded 'CONDENSATION ERROR' every single time I use it. I was only able to video about 6 tapes before this started. Now I'm also getting the 'VIDEO HEADS NEED CLEANING' error... This problem with JVC will never end! LOL I have the JVC DVM-90.
There's never a plane around when you need one! wink wink :)
Mike Alexander

-- Mike Alexander, September 20, 2004. "


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