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Sunday, July 25, 2004


(This one is at JVC's own forum in Indonesia. JVC's reply? To send it to the factory. -- Juan)

Saya mengalami error UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE dan code 'E06' pada JVC Camcoder tipe GR-D53AG, bisakah saya me-reset sendiri ? atau bgmana cara mengatasinya ?
Posted by : hermawan - Monday, July 05, 2004"

JVC GRD70 MiniDV Camcorder

Keep away from JVC DV, July 13, 2004
Reviewer: 'pablogott2' (usa)
I purchased this model in the June of 2003 and by May 2004 it is in Safeguard mode. I was extremely careful with it and used it a moderate amount. After researching in google a bit, I found hundreds of others complaining about the same problem not only for this camera but for other JVC models - some people are even organizing a class action lawsuit. The camera - without this problem, was decent, but I recommend getting a removable mic because all of my footage has recorded the camera whir - a problem you'll have with about any built in mic. I highly recommend staying away from JVC!

Re: JVC service or questions

jose bonilla - 24th Jul 2004 16:45

I have a jvc model no. gr-sxm515u that I bought new. It worked relly well until the door to the cassette holder stopped opening allowing the cassette from being ejected. The battery is fully charged so I know it is not due to low power. Would you be able to assist me with this issue or do you know what my repair cost will be.

Re: JVC service or questions

Michele Warr - 19th Jul 2004 14:26

I have a GR-AXM300 compact VHS camcorder. It has worked great for years, but now it shuts off when I put a tape in to record. It comes on and immediately shuts off, with battery or electric supply. It does not shut off when a tape is not in it. We live about an hour away from a service center and I was just wondering if you could give me some assistance with this problem. Thank You

Re: JVC service or questions

vasudevarao P. - 15th Jul 2004 3:03

I am based at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am using JVC Camcoder GR-DVL 45A, Serial no: 11540098. It is being used since 1999 but sparingly. Since a year it has developed a problem of intermittently showing E04 on the LCD and does not work further. By luck it works, some times, by switching off/remove and replace the cassette. I do not want to give for reapir as my experience with other products indicate, my luck of repair. After going through some web sites, I am going to try to use a new JVC cassette and utilise a head cleaning cassette. However I am not getting them in India. Could you please let me know the reason and remedy for the failure and the places in India where we get JVC parts/cassettes.

Re: JVC service or questions

gloria - 14th Jul 2004 21:45


Re: JVC service or questions

Neicia Holley - 11th Jul 2004 19:17

I have a JVC GR-SXM330U Camcorder, my camera was working just fine, but know it has an E03 code (unit in safeguard mode). Is there a way I can fix it myself. My camcorder is no longer under warranty.-Thanks

Re: JVC service or questions

terry goins - 10th Jul 2004 2:37

I have a jvc camcorder model # gr-axm225. I get a EO2 error code and the tape will not eject. Unit is no longer under warrantry. I have tried tapping on side of unit. What would you do? Thank you for any help.

Re: JVC service or questions

Joe - 6th Jul 2004 8:37

I have a JVC GR-D30U and I get a EO1 message...safeguard mode. What do I do to fix it. Thanks

Re: JVC service or questions

anthea - 17th Jun 2004 18:50

Hi all,
I finally got my camcorder to work again from safe guard mode (by hitting it on the side) but now when i pay back there is no sound anyone got any ideas??

JVC service or questions

Anthea - 17th Jun 2004 16:20

My camcorder has went into safe guard mode. Can anyone let me know how to get it working again?

JVC DVM-90 error message

I have had this piece of junk for 3 years. Hardly use it. This error message has been coming since the day I purchased. The head cleaning message always appreas. IT is irritating. Has any one filed a class action law suit. I suggest writing to better business bureau the web sit is IT is JVC of America. If a lot of us write to better business bureau, we have a chance of having the manufacturer recall this product. Having paid a lot of money on this product, we need to be compensated.

-- namu (, June 24, 2004.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Mike Bullman - 24th Jul 2004 0:08

Hi, I have a GR-DVL820U camcorder that's about 10 months old and has an E01 error code. It has a tape in the unit and will not eject it. Is there any way that I can eject the tape and clear the code? Removing the battery does not do it. Thanks for any help, Mike

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Doug Moir - 21st Jul 2004 10:48

I have JVC Digicam Model GR-D70 (Australia) that is just out of warranty and suddenly started showing E06 error code an going into safe mode, this seems to be a common fault on JVC digicams (either E04 or E06 errors). JVC's distributor in Australia has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with, the rep I spoke to virtually called me an idiot and refused to disclose what the error codes are, they told me to take it to a service centre ..... great ..... $100.00 'Quote Fee' before it's even looked at, what a joke.
I since found out on the net that E06 is tape motor not turning or stalled which would be correct as it seems to move around 1' of tape then jam up, any ideas to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Kyle Mattoon - 20th Jul 2004 23:18

I have just recently run into an issue with my GR-DVL210U. I was about to play back a home video only to get the E03 error. I unhooked the battery pack and waited about 15 min before putting back on. After doing so I ejected the tape and verified all was okay. The tape had been partially pulled from the case but I wound it back in. (This tape was the first real time that my 5+ month old had really laughed.) I put the tape back in and hit play only to see the same error again.
Again I disconnected the battery. Changed the tape and still had issues only this time I hit play and it apparently plays but all my video is non-existant. The strange thing is that all my videos have been recorded in LP on Maxell tapes. I have had the unit for approx 8 months and this is the first time this issue has arisen.
Ihave one other time had an issue with one of your products and my wife and I were extremely upset. It was a SVHS vcr that I had chosen based on the technology only to have it eat a tape for a set of three that ran $80. My wife and I are just about ready to give up on any and all JVC video equipment. I do have a 5.1 receiver and love it but it too has some issues ie overheating.
Back to the issue at hand I am currnetly unable to view any of my home videos and the closest repair center is 3+ hours away. I have two family events in the near future. One is this weekend and the second is just over a month away. I hope to have some kind of resolution before then.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Kyle Mattoon

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

peter dodd - 18th Jul 2004 11:49

The email below from chris on 17th Jul 2004 16:54 describes almost exactly my problems.
I bought a GR-DVX9 in July 2001 for �750.00 in London - this was a bargain price then, although a lot of money! I took it on holiday and it started going 'speckled' and eventually stopped and displayed 'head cleaning required'. At this time the camera had been used for about 4 hours. On return to London I took it back and after much argument the store gave me a replacement. It worked for a while until summer 2002 when it started showing 'error E04' intermittently. Ther seemed to be no reason why it worked or showed the error message. Last year (2003), holiday again, it developed a 'margin' where part of some previous footage remained as a still down one side and the ongoing footage was partly displayed on the other side. I also found the slim batteries supplied were by now completely dead and I had to buy a large replacement (still the unit had only been used about 20 hours in total). I haven't used the unit much since then but being about to go on holday again I tried to turn it on and the 'safeguard mode/error E04' reappeared every time. Every time I try to perform any operations with the camera it just powers down, whether in camera or playback mode.
I have now spent �800 and consider this very poor value for money. I am quite cynical about JVC's approach as I have seen other websites both American and English where class actions have been mentioned because the problem is so widespread. I have tried different tapes and different batteries, nothing works. I do not want to spend money on either a replacement or repair as I think the GRDVX range, which has incidentally been discontinued, has an inherent fault.
Can you help?

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

chris - 17th Jul 2004 16:54

I have a JVC mini DV camera, model GR-DVR805U, and I have a problem.
When I power on my camera, everything apears fine for 4-5 seconds, until the camera flips itself into 'safeguard mode' where it tells me to remove and reattach battery, and when I do so, the problem persists.
Then if I let it sit for a week or so and turn it on again, the safeguard mode message no longer pops up. Then after using the unit for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, the unit randomly goes into safeguard mode, and I can no longer use it for another week when I will only be able to use it for an unknown amount of time then.
Sometimes when the unit IS working it will say headcleaning required before flipping into safeguard mode, and I run my head clenaing tape and as soon as I do it goes into safeguard mode.
Also anytime it goes into safeguard mode it doens't recognize the time code on the tape, but it will still work in DSC mode to take pictures.
I'm wondering what I need to do, if there is anything I can do, because the unit as a whole aside from that seems to be in working order. The viewfinder and LCD both show the images the camera is picking up when turned into recording mode, but all with the blue box that tells me it's in safeguard mode and I can't do anything.
Lastly, on occasion, I will power the cameraon when I haven't touched it for days and it will tell me there's condensation in it, when it's been in a cool non-humid environment the entire time.
So I don't know if I can somehow turn off this safeguard mode completely or what, but any help or reccommendations would be appreciated.

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

jim marshall - 16th Jul 2004 17:07

is there a fix for my camcorder it comes up with E03 on the screen and will not let me do anything with the camera i cant even eject the tape, please help

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

FLOYD HOOVER - 10th Jul 2004 20:46


Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

stephan redpath - 8th Jul 2004 20:36

Hi I am having troubles with my camcorder the error code that pops up is E02... it will turn on for about ten seconds then turn back offf again . I was just wondering if you would no what it means and how i could fix it. Thanks..

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Nikki Smith - 30th Jun 2004 17:00

I have a jvc GR-SXM750U vhs camcorder that keeps showing an error code E-03 that says unit in safeguard mode, remove and reattach battery.this camcorder was purchased in 09/03 and has not been used very much. Although I now have a newborn and need my camcorder to work properly... Can you provide with me with any information as I located your e-mail info from the Pechorin's web site. Thank You for your time..

Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Cal - 29th Jun 2004 1:04

I have a GR-DVF31 and I ma getting a E04 error. I have tried severl differnt tapes. What should I do? Thanks, Cal

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Shergar - 25th Jul 2004 1:09

You and countless others. It's a JVC scam to make you pay for repairs. Just put E01 error in your search engine and see the number of people.
My advice - ditch the JVC CamCorder, and get another make/model.

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Stacy - 20th Jul 2004 6:16

I have a JVC GR-DVL805. I first got the E04 remove and re.. sign after going on vacation to Cancun. Did anyone put their camera through the x-ray at the airport? I did and then saw the sign 'do not put cameras through x-ray. I thought that that could have been the problem...or maybe sand from the beach. Does this ring a bell for anyone? I'm going to try tapping on it. I had so many problems with finding the correct firewire and programs for this camera!

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

"Tyrone - 15th Jul 2004 22:32

What is the fix for the safeguard mode problem????? please help "

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

"layne conn - 13th Jul 2004 0:21

I've been watching these 'posts' for some time, after I bought one of these units off of E-BaY. I also, am used to fixing electronics.tried everything in every forum to fix thr unit, to no Avail.I cleared up the Condensation Error Message,E01, but i could never get the Door to close. Finally sent it out for repair.JVc, does have some fix-it answers if U e-mail them.But,if those don't work, it's got to go in for Service.i'll keep U posted."

Re: JVC GR - D70: "D - 12th Jul 2004 14:19

I bought this camera 2/03. Used it about 20 minutes the first six months I owned it. Took it on vacation and the 2nd day (taped maybe 8 minutes the first day) I got the 'E04' couldn't use it at all after that. Took it to Best Buy and they sent it to JVC. It cost me about $100 to fix. Now I get 'condensation, operation paused' all the time. It works for a while and then I get that stupid error. Has anyone had success in getting JVC to fix the problems they are having with these cameras?"

Re: JVC GR - DVL300: "Ryan - 8th Jul 2004 19:32

I work for a public affairs/media relations office and part of my job is documenting things my organization does. We purchased 5 of these cameras and every one of them now has the damn E04 message. I've read this forum front to back and was able to fix one of them. I opened the cassette compartment, left it empty, took off the battery, opened the view screen, beat the holy hell out of the camera, re-inserted the battery and by some miracle of God himself the thing works. I'm going to try it with the others now. I'll let you know what happens. I refuse to believe that beating the thing is the techical solutions, but hey, if it works it works. My hats off to the disgruntled consumer who figured this one out."

Re: JVC GR - DVL520U: "Willy - 16th Jun 2004 0:23

Hey i have the same problem with my jvc camcorder too! mine is a dvl520U and everytime i turn it on, it appears a message that says error E01, battery in safeguard mode, remove and reattach battery, but i cannot do anything! cannot even eject the tape! i've tried everything there is in this forum, but it doesnt help, can i take it to a repair center? how much would it cost?"


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