This site was an international collection of evidence that many JVC camcorders have design and manufacturing defects. Owners were then expected to pay for "repairs" which did not work. JVC was taken to court here in the USA because thosands felt chated. Originally I dealt Steven Berk, a class-action lawyer who seemed interested in helping. After more than 2 years, the lawsuit was settled, with inconclusive results. Read below for more information.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

"*** THE FIRST LAWSUIT AGAINST JVC HAS BEEN FILED IN THE USA ! *** Click here for more details.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Complaint Station for JVC | Jvc customer service

(Although this post is about a JVC DVD Player, it shows what JVC Customer Service is like. Now JVC is also getting a class-action lawsuit due to their DVD players - Juan)

Posted on 07 Sep 2004 at 08:58.48 AM

Company Country:US_United States
My advice for anyone buying electronics of any type--avoid JVC. A few years back I purchased a new JVC DVD player (BK-501) for $400. A little over a year later I was having trouble running certain movies. Anything from Disney would not run. I notified JVC and they told me that they were aware of the problem and the players hardware had to be upgraded. Since the machine was out of warranty I was told the cost to me would be about $150. I said since others are having this problem and that they were aware of it, it should be a recall problem since substandard parts were used. I also said the machine wasnt dropped or misused--just has problems with some makers dvd's. They didnt want to hear it. I also said that I had friends that had dvd players that cost half as much as mine that didnt have these problems. I had owned other electronics from JVC before this but this was my last. They dont care about there customers, and need to learn how to deal with problems due to their own manufacturing faults. Anytime Im in an electronics store I tell people to stay away from JVC and my advice and story has kept people from buying there products and going with other brands. "


Dave - 7th Oct 2004 16:06

Receiving E01 message all time, any ideas. Camera is approx 14 months old. Could tape be jammed if so how do I get it out.

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Jagadeesh Pakki - 6th Oct 2004 5:02

Please send me information on how i can fix this.

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Jason - 5th Oct 2004 18:10

I had the E04 problem and it seems to be my tape that caused it. When I tried to eject it - it wouldn\'t come out. I pryed the door a little and it finally released and the tape was tangled inside the unit.
Once I removed the tape it worked (I also 'banged' the side of the unit for a while before taking out the tape with no effect).

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

3rd Oct 2004 4:37

i have the same problem please tell me if u got it fixed

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

David - 20th Sep 2004 4:52

Boy I thought I was the only one having this problem. I tried taping at the dragstrip and EO4 'eject and reinsert the tape' pops up. I\'ll try some of the things given on this webpage....but if doesn\'t work I\'ll never buy JVC again and almost everything I have is JVC except for my car stereo which is a Sony and love it better than the JVC one offered at the same price.

Re: Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Reijo - 6th Oct 2004 17:36

I have the sme problem though my cam is dvl108. I took the cam to service couple of times and it worked there always??? One quick fix I have found is that if you tap the cassette door gently the error is suddenly gone. Any help on this one is appreciated.

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Patrick - 10th Sep 2004 17:09

I have this Error E04, Safeguard mode, reattach battery thing which i got no idea to fix. Can somebody e-mail me on how to best fix this irritating problem. Please out? I bought this in Australia but i am now in the outback in Afica -Botswana. I tried taking the camera around for service but still they could help. Get back to me with a good answer. I thought it could be because of dust in here but i had it cleaned and still the same problem. Again it would work for some seconds sometimes and return to the error message. Its hurting to lose capturing this once in lifetime adventure am currenting involved in. Please help!! PATRICK

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Sambo - 5th Sep 2004 6:14

@ Paul - 14th Dec 2003 0:02
E03 Unit in safeguard mode : Remove and Reattach Battery

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

SK - 28th Aug 2004 12:33

I have the JVC GR-DVM75 and have had this darn Safe Mode message forever. I just have to take the tape out and remove the battery. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes days before it works again. Terrible!!!! I have yet to see a solution on the web.

Re: JVC GR - DVL300

Sara - 23rd Aug 2004 19:14

Unit in safeguard mode : Remove and Reattach Battery
I have had this same problem since my warranty ran out on my JVC DV camcorder. When I turn it on to record or play, a code appears on the display screen i remove and reattach battery unit in safegaurd mode.

Re: JVC GR - DVL805

Jeff - 21st Aug 2004 14:52

It really works!! The 'beat the hell out of your camera' method. Fortunately, I didn't spend $$ on pro repairs. When I started getting the old 'safeguard mode' and 'clean your head' messages I searched the net and found this dicussion group. After reading everyones' messages I beat the crap out my camera as described by Ryan with one small modification - I removed the tape and left the door open, opened the view screen, removed the battery, and then I proceded to whack the camera with the battery right on the side over the speaker with 3 or 4 solid whacks. Presto it is working again without any error messages - I'll have to see how long it lasts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

JVC Problem

October 22, 2003, 08:42:12 am

My JVC GR-AX33 (old I know) is having problems, when I try to look through the viewing eyepiece, everything is upside down...can anyone help? Kenji

jvc gr-dvl510 power issues

March 25, 2004, 05:09:44 pm

my jvc is having issues. it occasionally gives me an error code, E03 and E04 both telling me that the it is in safeguard mode and to remove and reattach the battery. can any one please offer some advice, besides call jvc. thanks jon


April 12, 2004, 08:26:22 am

About 3 years ago I purchased a JVC GR-DVM75. I never used it very much until just recently when I took it with me on a skiing vacation to get some shots of me snowboarding. All of a sudden, one day my camera started having a really weird problem, the capturing image was all green and it was capturing very little light. I have tried everything from changing all the settings to restarting the camera to using a head cleaning cassete but nothing has worked. Now I am asking you generous people out there to help me find a solution to my toubling issue.
Thanks in advance,
Ndarre "


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