This site was an international collection of evidence that many JVC camcorders have design and manufacturing defects. Owners were then expected to pay for "repairs" which did not work. JVC was taken to court here in the USA because thosands felt chated. Originally I dealt Steven Berk, a class-action lawyer who seemed interested in helping. After more than 2 years, the lawsuit was settled, with inconclusive results. Read below for more information.

Monday, January 24, 2005

This site attracts different people, so let me quickly tell you what you can find here. Anyone that writes me will get an automated response, so try to help yourself by reading this section first.

If your JVC camcorder broke down and you are looking for a cure, follow the links called "Camera Care" and "Camera Care 2" towards the end of the right column.

The lawsuit represents ONLY residents of the USA who purchased digital (not analog, or VHS) camcorders between 2000 and 2002. However, you are encouraged to send your name, address, phone, model, year of purchase and problem description to even if you do not satisfy all conditions. The more complaints, the better our chances of getting heard by JVC. And it is free.

Whether there will be JVC camcorder lawsuits in other countries is unknown at this time, but you are welcome to send your information just in case.

If you want details on the JVC lawsuit, read the next entry below.


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